While at the state convention last  week I purchased a pigeon .  Brought it home with me and

I put it in a cage.  On Wednesday I opened  the door to feed it and it came out the door like it was

Being released for a race . I notice the web site has alost and found section.  I wonder if you

Could post a lost bird on it for me incase it traps in a loft some where. 

                           The band number is ARPU 14  AU 6124 BBC

                                          Thanks for your assistance.

                                           Wayne Herron

                                            San Diego Club
































Someone called us regarding a found racing pigeon.
Found in the town of El Dorado.
UA 2007 GPS 09266
Green band#016TZ192

It would be nice if someone could let me know what do with the bird or help me locate an owner. I've contacted AU and Global pigeon supply. No luck so far finding an owner.

Stefanie Stewart R.N.
Sierra Wildlife Rescue

"Have you hugged a chicken today?" :-)))