CSRPO Ladies’ Auxiliary

Scholarship Fund

21 November 2023

From Fay Leighton:

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the members of the
C.S.R.P.O. that because our membership has dropped so low that we have voted to disband the Ladies Auxiliary of the C.S.R.P. also with out conventions to attend we would no longer be able to sustain our group or raise funds for the scholarship.
Because of this we also will no longer have a Scholarship program. I have combined the money in our club dues account with the monies in the scholarship account for a total of $11,621.00 . I
received 6 applications for Scholarships this year and gave out 4 scholarships and 2 of what ( Martha Apel ) liked to refer to as book money.
Recipients were JuanDias $2,400.00 / Randy Diaz
Emma Petrescu $2,400.00 /Marinela Petrescu
Dylan Petrescu $ 2,400.00 /Marinela Petrescu
Anthony Apodaca $ 2,400.00 /Fay Leighton
Book money to Kia Andres $1000.00 /Anthony Homen
Book money to Kanini Andres $ 1000.00 / Anthony Home
The Lady at the bank was so helpful ,she made all the cashiers checks free of charge for me last year and this year saving us about $110.00. With the $21.00 we had left I took her to lunch.

Just a little history about the Scholarship, when we started it Martha Apel was the President and I was the Secretary/Treasure my sister made the first quilt we auctioned off to start the Scholarship in 1995 and here we are 28 years later in 2023
I am the Secretary/Treasure closing it out.
I want to thank all of the Clubs and individuals who donated money and bought tickets/ donated birds for silent auctions And great items for our raffle prizes . We were able to give out thousands of dollars to members kids and grandchildren over the years.
Thank you for all the good times and wonderful memories.


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